Types of transport for each merchandise: maritime, air and land transport

Kinds of transport

In a global economy, freight transport becomes a first order necessity. Now, not all means of transport have the same utility, depending on the merchandise. For this reason, three different forms of transport coexist.

Sea transport

Maritime transport is, today, the most used option in international merchandise trade. In fact, freight traffic by sea has grown by 6.7% in the first half of 2017. The decisive thrust of trade in the Pacific Ocean has a decisive influence.

In order to transport by sea, dry, non-perishable goods that do not involve urgent consumption are usually moved. It is the cheapest way, by far.

Ground transportation

Ground transportation is the most followed alternative for short distances in developed countries. The existence of an extensive road network allows door-to-door collection and delivery, in the case of road transport. There is also the freight traffic by rail, cheaper.

In any case, land transport allows you to send any merchandise for the balance between price and conservation, including perishable food. It is not the cheapest way, but it is acceptable for moderate quantities.

Air Transport

Air transport has grown as a result of the globalization of economic flows and the emergence of certain economies of scale.

It is a good alternative, although expensive, for the delivery of urgent courier, luxury items or medical and pharmaceutical products.

The transport is adapting to the new times and, therefore, there is a means available for each type of product.

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